Customized Training Development


During an initial assessment, our staff and subject matter experts are focused on understanding our client’s strategic business needs. During this process we get to know the organization and the performance challenges they face. The assessment process enables us to understand what outcomes the client is hoping to achieve and what success looks like to the organization. We also work closely with our clients to establish clear, well-defined learning objectives that give trainees an expectation of the knowledge and skills they should acquire during the training. Those expectations are communicated to learners well before the training begins.


All the courses we deliver are customized so that the employees and businesses get optimal business impact from the training. As we discover the client’s pain points and the unique challenges they face, we adapt our training curriculum to address those issues. Additionally, once a class is underway, our instructors may adapt the training program to address an issue that arises that was not in the original scope of the project.

Project Example

When its talent pool started to dwindle, Northrop Grumman reached out to College of the Canyons about partnering on an unclassified low observable training program for entry-level technicians. Low observable technology, also known as stealth technology, covers a range of methods and materials used to make aircraft, ships, submarines, missiles, satellites, and ground vehicles less visible to radar and other detection methods. This customized program trains and prepares participants for entry-level jobs as Low Observable Mechanics using a cutting-edge virtual reality sprayer.

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One of the most import outcomes of a training program is when an employee feels that their company has invested in their career and wants them to be an increasingly skilled and valued person in the organization. When an employee feels the company is committed their success, they become more engaged in the workplace and are motivated to perform better. Additionally, they have more confidence in applying their skills and their attitude is increasingly positive.
“The organizations that will truly excel in the future will be the organizations that discover how to tap into people’s commitment and capacity to learn at all levels in an organization.”
Peter M. Senge
author of “The Fifth Discipline” and founding chair
of the Society for Organizational Learning

Partnering with ETI

Continuously enhancing employees’ skills through well-designed training programs is at the core of our mission at ETI. Our training programs are designed to contribute to increased employee engagement and retention and measurably enhance productivity, innovation, teamwork, communication, and organizational efficiency. Because we are agile, responsive and experienced, we can quickly assemble the experts needed to design, manage and implement the mission-critical training programs that will help move your organization forward.

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