Low Observable Program

The Low Observable (Stealth) Training Program and Career Opportunities

Low Observable Informational Session

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Summer 2024

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For more information contact:

Lynda DePerno
CACT Coordinator
College Of The Canyons
Phone: (661) 362-3112
Fax: (661) 294-1807
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Vivek Sharma Director, Employee Training Institute College of the Canyons Phone: (661) 362-3111 Fax: (661) 294-1807 Email Vivek

Frequently Asked Questions

For a printable version of the FAQ, please click here.

Low Observable technicians hired from the program can expect to start around $25.00 per hour.

The specific countries and locations are all classified and cannot be shared at this point in time. Once someone is hired and has obtained their security clearance, they will be made aware of these locations. You can expect to travel around 25% of the time.

The program is 165 hours total and will be completed within 14 weeks. The average time to obtain a security clearance depends on each individual, but 200 days has been the average.

The Aircraft Fabrication and Assembly (AFAB) at AVC focuses more on participants becoming structures mechanics, structures technicians, and composites technicians. There are different DoD clearances between the programs, and the LO program requires a higher level clearance. AFAB focuses on production and manufacturing whereas LO focuses on product life cycles. There is not as much travel with the AFAB program as there will be with LO. Also, there are not as many hiring opportunities in that program at this point in time due to program contract and government contracts.

Yes. You will have ample opportunity for career advancement as a Technician or through management, depending on your interest. This will be based on years of experience, performance reviews, and other factors.

For this cohort the times are set, so not at this time, but there is potential for future cohorts to be offered at different times.

Yes, it is possible to pursue additional education while in this field. Many technicians who are deployed take time to earn their degrees and take part in Northrop’s Educational Assistance program.

Not at this point in time, but there might be opportunities in the future.

Depends on when you took it. The assessments results are valid for 6 months. If your test date was more than 6 months ago, you will have to take the assessments again.

Other aerospace and ship building companies utilize LO technology, and the projected demand for these skills is very high.

If extended an offer, then it will depend on when you can obtain your clearance from the DoD. The average wait time for clearance is around 200 days, but can be more depending on individual circumstances.

If an individual qualifies for WIOA funding then there is no cost to take this program. If you do not qualify for the WIOA funding, then you would be responsible for the entire cost of the program. We will work with these individuals on a case-by-case basis.

Assessment exams will be hosted at College of the Canyons in August by appointment only. Please connect with the AJCC to schedule your appointment and begin filling out the necessary paperwork.

The program is anticipating to launch Monday, August 29 at this time.

The first step is to connect with the AJCC to schedule your assessment test and to complete the initial paperwork.

There is potential that they could approve it, but we cannot guarantee this at this point in time.

You must complete the classified training internally at Northrop Grumman. You must also pass the medical requirements for traveling overseas, depending on what country you travel to.

An individual cannot submit for a security clearance. All submissions must come from a DoD entity or contractor like Northrop Grumman.

For this program you must travel, and that will be 25% of the time. There are other sectors within Northrop that might be hiring in the future.

It could help, depending on job performance; it is a leg-up for getting you hired more quickly.

There is a routine scheduled so that you can plan ahead. Travel would be for 90 days consecutively.

Yes, there might be possibilities to enter into other programs if you have a clearance. It will depend on other clearance mandates from the customer.

Some infractions, while expunged, may disqualify personnel from being able to obtain a clearance. We recommend reviewing the DoD security clearance website and process to obtain specific details.

The AFAB program is a different program than the LO program. AFAB is hosted by AVC and LO is hosted by COC. You do not need to enroll as a COC student to participate in this program.

This position will be Non-Union.

You will primarily be at Edwards Air Force Base and potentially in Palmdale.

25% travel is required for this position. The countries that you will travel to is classified.

Yes, they are available at the AJCC and you can request them.

Roughly ½ hour for each assessment.

Yes, for the training, but not after you are hired. For WIOA funding, you must reside in LA County, though.

We recommend talking to a tax advisor for specific questions in this area.

It will depend on what shift you are assigned to once hired.

No, not at this time.

Typically, you will be on a 5/40 work week, but this will be determined by the project, customer, and if you are deployed. Expect to work more when deployed.

Northrop will start the process as soon as possible once candidates are identified.

It will depend on the project and requirements for the program.

Every five (5) years, the contract can be renewed. This program has lots of potential for growth as long as you perform on the job.

The contract will typically be renewed, but if not, there will be other opportunities to move internally.

If you have a degree or any transcript, that will suffice for the high school diploma. No physical diploma is required.

You will receive a certification from College of the Canyons, but it does not have any college credit attached to it.

The college does require anyone who comes to campus to either be vaccinated/boosted or provide a negative COVID test. The current Northrop Grumman policy is to be vaccinated, and this is required for employment.

We are anticipating selecting 12 – 16 candidates.

The VR system uses the same equipment as is used on the production floor.

Yes, the AJCC will provide details and study materials for everyone.

Interviews will happen during the 1st or 2nd module.

Your assessment score, ability to complete your paperwork in a timely manner, and a brief background check.

Yes, you will be eligible for future cohorts.

There is an initial background check, done right away, and then a DoD security clearance check for everyone who is accepted into the program.

It will depend on your proficiency and ability to master the techniques and pass each module.

Yes, the AJCC will be sending out information to everyone who attended the informational session.

There are certain things that would be an automatic disqualification. Please refer to the DoD security clearance website for specific details.

You list your preference and can always change it in the future.

It depends on the clearance.

Will not be an issue for hiring, but there could be issues on the job in regards to FOD (Foreign Object Debris).